Magicfly Rainbow Fidget Spinner Unboxing, Review, and Giveaway.

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Whats up guys so today I got the Magicfly Rainbow Fidget Spinner up for unboxing and review. This fidget spinner is very unique and interested. I have never seen a fidget spinner shaped like this and it makes a unique pattern when it spins. If you wanna get one you can get it here on The cut outs on the sides of this fidget spinner make it very unique and cool feeling for fidgeting with as well. I hope you guys like the video and thanks for watching.

Fidget spinner giveaway rules
1. Subscribe and ring the notification bell
2. Follow me on Instagram @Hotdiggity86
3. Comment on the picture of this spinner
5. 1 winner will get a private message in about 1 week

I hope you guys like the video and thanks for watching.

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5iVE says:

Finaly someone made this thank you

Panda says:

you from poland?

aroundthefur says:

In bmx that colors called jetfuel

John Bui says:

Can I have it

Marrian Bangura says:

who want free fidget spinners

Jackson says:

I miss the yoyo videos 🙁

Alexander Luevano says:

fidgit spinner

Poop Shit says:

I have the same exact spinner and it spins for 2min and 35sec

Vinz Dayrit says:

do more fidget spinner stuff

Nino Criscuolo says:

This spinner is a clone of metal worn's turbine spinner 3.0

Javan Thomas says:

they have some cool looking spinners.if i win i would like a rainbow metal spinner

Luz Silva says:

That fidget spinner is sick i love it now i would love to have one of them

Cahmrin Seegert says:

1,000th like letsggkoooo

Kaleb Lacarter says:

Can I get the rainbow fidget spinner

papo120582ruiz says:

fidgit spiner

Alejandro Gonzalez-Ceja says:

I want this fidget cause of the colors and how it looks

Ant Kuilan says:

can i have 1

Christopher Ramirez says:

i wan it im your beagest fan your the best cool videos

Maria Miranda says:

can i have one plase its my Birthday today

gabriella epps says:

fidget spinner

Duval Romaine says:

Fidget Spinner Giveaway $100 Gift Card.Reedem Now


I want that 😍😍😍

Chris Frazee says:

this is autistic

Angelika Holtzmann says:

You are able to get now FidgetSpinner free of cost the safeguarded or just is most effective

Eli spottedelk says:

Keep up the videos goodluck Dylan!!!!

Alicia Barrett says:

I subscrbed

Bhupat Kanabar says:

one day maybe I can win this 😇

Bora Topçuoğlu says:

It is copy from metal worn

Red Ranger Unlimited says:

Great stream bro keep doing ur thing great channel!! Check out my rare fidget spinner oh yes morphin time is upon us 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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