Maxace Andromeda Titanium Fidget Spinner Review – Exciting Modular Design!

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This is my review of the Maxace Andromeda fidget toy / hand spinner in the full titanium version. This spinner offers a modular concept where you can change out 3 different designs for a different look and feel. It features a ceramic bearing & titanium body for an affordable
price of 89 CHF at:


MR- BUG says:

A little like the mackie tri knight spinner

Carl Foronda says:

looks awesome, what is the bearing size?

Ricci`s knife says:

HI Raphi,
very interesting fidget Spinner!!
Great with Tool too!!

cheers Ricci😏👍😏😎

Dubglock23 says:

one of the coolest ones I've seen


I can see making your own, but 100$ on the thing. Then to justify why is so nice and high tek, wow such a big deal. A bandwagon was created and trendies are jumping on, wow.

alittleolder says:

Du hast wirklich guten Geschmack, was Spinner angeht. Ich wusste bis zu Deinem Video garnicht, dass Maxace überhaupt Spinner macht. Ich selbst hab mich jetzt mit dem kaufen zurückgenommen, nur den Pepyakka S hab ich noch vorbestellt. Das wird eh an absoluter Test meiner Geduld.

MusicyOfficial says:

Great video <3

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