Monkey Fidget Spinner Tricks and GIVEAWAY!

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Capuchin MonkeyBoo & Pete show some very cool Fidget Spinner tricks and have Boo Fidget Spinners to GIVE AWAY!
Winners will be announced Wed May 31 on MonkeyBoo’s LIVE Youtube Stream 9 Eastern
10% Discount Code MONKEYBUSINESS10
To Enter:
*YouTube: 2 winners, hit like and leave a comment below, share your favorite Monkeyboo on your FB or Twitter
*Instagram: 1 winner, Hit like on MonkeyBoo’s IG video of the orange Fidget Spinner and leave a comment
*Twitter: tweet out your favorite MonkeyBoo video, tag @theMonkeyBoo and use #MonkeyBooFidgetSpiiner
MonkeyBoo T-shirts and more:
Follow Boo on Twitter:
Mail: MonkeyBoo, PO Box 631, McAdenville, NC 28101


Marquis Mittelstet says:

boo is awsome

Ashton Thomas says:

i love boo form ashton

blue fairy 8 says:

The monkey is the cutest thing I have ever seen and also I would like to win one of the fidget spinner but their are other people out their who need them more than me


You should buy him a miny one or one with a handle

nate the noodle says:

I'd like to win one tooI love boo .he is my wallpaper on my laptop

Shakira Robinson says:

I love you boo

amy smith says:

I'm using my moms phone

amy smith says:

Monkey boo figet spinner and I really want one 🐵😃😃😃

Jessica Petrick says:

I love boo can I have one please

Lola Ryyder says:

I'm laughing at the antics going on behind Pete's arm while he's talking and playing with the spinners… Boo is grooming him and eating things from his head and head-whipping like crazy.. "you try to take my spinner, I'll pinch your nose.. you bump my head with your elbow and I'll pick your ears while your talking " 😀

Karl David Vlogs says:

I Love Boo His The Best Monkey I've ever seen!

Linda Kimmel says:

hay pet you an boo is cool

Linda Kimmel says:

love you boo

Sailey Perez says:

I'd like to win a fidget spinner and I love boo

Cali the angel says:

I love monkey🐒

ورقه اوقلم حزن شاعر says:


JoshThe Gamer says:

I will like to with a spinner

Megan Kaplan says:

at 1:55 boo's like I whip my head back and forth

Simply Carlie says:

I want a monkey soooo bad boo is so cute

Felipe Bobadilla says:

i subscribed

The Slime Sisters says:

Boo so cute

Hayden Buche says:

Hey I love boo he is so cute and I really want one of those spinners pleas

Jenn Morton says:

I love boo and can I have one of the students minute please

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