Move Over Fidget Spinner – The Orbiter is Here! (Small quick demo)

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Many people all over the world just love the fidget spinner & its variations. (See for detailed review, discounts, videos etc) It took the world by storm. It was cheap, accessible and came in a lot of designs and colors. Many toys have tried to beat the fidget spinner but none have been able to displace it. Maybe until now!

In comes The Orbiter (originally priced at $68, but now you can get it for $4, see link below), a neodymium magnet ball and base which can act similarly to a fidgie (is that even a word?) and can do much more!

It comes in various colors. For a detailed review, prices etc, check the links below.

Get it for $4 from AE:

Get it for $10 from Amazon:

Detailed Review (from our friends at LatestGadgets.Tech):


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