My Favorite Fidget Spinners – August 2017 Edition

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Aiden Monster says:

I love it I subed

Fidget-N-Style Spinner Reviews says:

Also, I don't know if you've noticed, Amazon has really thinned out their selection of spinners. Kinda makes me wonder if there is an issue with lead being found in spinners.

Fidget-N-Style Spinner Reviews says:

Hiya Sal! I have a couple of EDC's that I have gravitated to lately. First off, the Focus V2, and the Spinetic X with a One Drop bearing installed. Kinda covers both ends of the feedback spectrum. At home, I use my Spinzyp with the cageless 606 quite a bit.

Rick Temmen says:

The Fizill is about 2 inches long I'm getting my brass Fizill in the mail today … Lots of hot spots but I've played guitar for 50 year so my fingers are calloused … 69 and still playing with toys lol … Rock on …

Dan M says:

I feel the spinner that I am gravitating toward is the original Tyzest red copper spinner. It is now becoming my favorite as it has an r188 hybrid bearing, super smooth with a pretty nice amount of feedback, and it gets spin times of 9+ minutes. It is also quiet but not to quiet as I like the auditory feedback (the suttle ringing noise). Plus it I also the perfect size and weight imo. Plus it is now my go to as I really like how well made and easy to flick and I take it pretty much everywhere I go. And it was only $14. So Imo, it is the perfect spinner. I do have the SNP GEARS version but I feel this one is better as it is original, looks nicer, and it feels nicer.

c0oldude63 Plays says:

I've never seen a YouTuber reply to so
Many comments

Cory Keeler says:

My favorite EDC spinner is the Hummingbird by MTE Designs. Such an addicting little spinner and it's made in Murica

clnfreak one says:

I have 2 of the 4 .. boomerang (stock bearing). and dab raw (with goldline).. they are both my go to

D E says:

I can't put down the ring portion of my Stedemon Tacray. My loophole cries as it collects dust

Rick Temmen says:

My Yardwerx SS Fizill … And my Yardwerx SS Dab …

Dirty Hairy says:

Love it sal. If yu wanna part with the micro lemme know how much. Micro by far my favorites

THE NEWreviewERA says:

I want to be your buddy🤔

jrb21 gaming says:

my titanium tri stubby is the one I cant keep down. I am getting Namaste elite from Woosah this week.

Roy says:

Crusader clone (smaller but with same shape, simply amazing), Vorso Flat Top, Big Baller.

Cruise Moser says:

I would guess you prefer 608?

Amanda M says:

Very nice collection Sal! My current fav is the Boomerang micro in brass, Very Dapper in Ti, and the Spinetic X SS. I ordered the Boomerang Mini Pro in Brass through 2R . 2R emailed me 2 days ago saying there was an inventory mistake and out of stock in the brass. They apologized and offered me the Boomerang Mini Pro in SS for no additional cost or wait another week for the Brass, so I took up their generous offer 🙂 I will be ordering the Boomerang Mini Pro in Brass once it's back in stock!

wraith3ful says:

Hey sal great vid as always where did u get your hands on that sweet 608 boomerang . I've been into the 608 lately and like that style

Cqrso says:

Please make a video addressing the recent Amazon imported fidget spinner ban.

Cassie Luna says:

Where do you pick up your second-hand spinners?

Lori Beck says:

You've got a nice lineup 🙂 My current favorites are my Raw Dab (technically it's a high speed dab that I put a Bronson in and stonewashed myself – it's definitely my current favorite), 2R Boomerang Micro in Ti, Spinetic X Micro in black, and I have a SS 2R Boomerang Mini 608 on it's way to me that I'm certain will be in my regular rotation too.

Caleb Ryals says:

Those are my favorite to my friend keep up the good work

Austin Nash says:

Hi sal good vid

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