My fidget spinner collection and why I like them

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niya fam4l says:

aww so freaking cute baby is adorable

MAE Gang says:

His chubby cheeks 😂😍❤️😍😍

jeanet bergbigler says:

zodiac is nice

jeanet bergbigler says:

rainbow 1 is kool

jeanet bergbigler says:

have you ceen how to make own spinners

jeanet bergbigler says:

lovw the square 1

jeanet bergbigler says:

in the stores the cubes are expensive

jeanet bergbigler says:

i like the 12 sides cubes

jeanet bergbigler says:

if they get stuck oil the bearings

DaMiya Mouton says:

I only have one fidget

Susanna Martinez says:

I have a captain America one

Di Hteman says:

These fidget spinners/cubes are just like worry beads. It's a stress relief gadget.

Vera Peelar says:

I like your figet spinner I love your baby he's so cute

Anna Shaposhnikova says:

Я одна тут русская?????

P & D Gang says:

Awe I love fidget spinners. The baby is so precious. He looks so realistic 😍😍😍

Rosie Sierra says:

He is so cute! I love fidget spinners.

Little star reborn nursery says:

Baby is so cute. I bought a figit spinner to keep my hands busy. The emoji one is cute. Never seen the cube ones but it looks cool

Tati Plaza says:

ahh.he's so cute.

Timeless Reads says:

18:00 minutes of Maria yesss!!‪♡‬

1605tanya says:

I bought my first one the other day and I love it.
You have quite the collection!

Ari Shopkins says:

There is a app called fidget spinner

paula latham says:

Hi I have a one to I never seen the cube ones I crochet a lot if I'm watching tv I always have to do something with my hands

Pam Obryan says:

I really like the one from Michael's!!! Which one's best to start with? My daughter has the cube…. that's fun. I have to always do something with my hands too!

Pam Obryan says:

wow!!!!!Can you show us how to work those?!!

Madison bartic says:

omg i love all your videos

Donna Haines says:

OMG!!! Is that Hello Kitty!?! I want it!!! I'm so jelly!!

grammy janette Loves her dollies says:

I need to buy the cube for my anxiety. 💕

Robin says:

cool like the fidget spinner

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