My First Fidget Spinner (Unboxing)

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This thing is awesome! It has Black Ceramic Bearings and has a nice weight to it. I'll be taking this thing everywhere I go from now on.

Link to Spinner:

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SiN 浮世 says:


Wyatt Oleff says:

u sound like chriss pratt

Lynx Gaming says:

First subscriber here!

The weird Videos says:

Omg that's the same box and fidget spinner I have. jk mine fidget spinner is black and white but I have the same box

Jayden Norman says:

I just got mine yesterday

Demetrius Hodnett says:

I got a fidget spinner

kaitlyn young6 says:

ur voice😍

Nikita Sotnicenko says:

my school is already banned it!

TSOT7 says:

my school banded all fidget toys after i started bringing them to school

Rishi Patel says:

I ordered a black one with blue outer barrings last Monday it might come tomorrow or tuesday but I will unbox it so will you watch it by any chance?

joedabest says:

u shout me out i shou u out

Blake Birchfield says:

I ordered the glow and the dark one

Yvng bone says:

ace i forgot to ask, whats the bg music?

rofl lmao says:

im planing to get one with same packaging. but dont know if got ceramic

Makkusu says:

wtf is this? useless toy

Yvng bone says:

really nice unboxing, i might get myself one 😀

Yash Rughoobeer says:

do a giveaway

ACE says:

I got a 3 min 11 sec spin right out of the box. It only gets better the more you use as so I'm told.

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