NASA Astronaut Tests How Long a Fidget Spinner Lasts in Space

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A fidget spinner was part of a scientific experiment in space. "A fidget spinner in space! How long does it spin?" astronaut Randy Bresnik wrote in a Twitter post that accompanied a demonstration video. The situation took place aboard the International Space Station, where Bresnik recorded a video of the spinner as it spun and spun and spun.'s Keleigh Nealon ( has more.


ReKt SoN says:

we spent billions of dollars of work and devlepment to bring fidget spinners to space

Nhoxlee says:

Autism to the next level 😂👌💯

Twilight sparkle Show says:

This was on our scholastic news………………..

Fluffy Fluffy Unicorns says:

I saw a fidget spinner loading screen…

Evan Bardis says:

Who knew figget spinners will help science ??? Let alone even get in space !!!!

Sir Iodine says:

Never knew Autistic humans could go to Space

sivan rottelman says:

why didnt they do it in a vacuum environment like outside the space station? there would have been alot less friction because there would have been no air… (there still would have been some friction because of the ball bearings…)

Rosalba Flores says:

I would like to spin a fidget spinner in space…

Ryan Zhu says:

So we put billions of dollars into the space program to test out a toy

Shubhanshu Jha says:

A worthy achievement made by the astronaut made by people's taxes…. Got bless technology

Bryce Woods says:

"This is it guys… The real test of how long a fidget spinner may last!" 9 to the power of 10 years later it's still spinning

silverfox1237 says:

Yay we finally invented a flying fidget spinner lol

Jay Duron says:

If you do that outside then it would never stop, peace ✌🏻

NieMonD says:

You mean he didn't even time how long?

Thai Souvanna says:

It will never stop spinning until a force hits it will stop spinning

J Playz says:

Makes me want to become an astronaut

NinjaMaster 66 says:

Uh, you named the Video that he found out that how long he could spin it. you never told us that

Myk Gamer says:

did anyone notice that when the video load the circle thing is fidget spinner :O

Marco The Epic Vlog/Gaming Channel says:

imagine a alien life arrives on this ship and just sees some of the smartest people on earth just staring and a fidget spinner and recording it.

No Reason says:

What am I supposed to do with this information

Zach's Life says:

Fidget Spiners would spin in space forever because of inerta all objects stay in motion unless a force acts upon it.

Ray Age 12 Does 8th grade Science.

Blue Lives Matter says:

now THIS is quality content!

Thomas fan 2609 says:

Inheale Spinning

ZivicGaming says:

Have you ever tought to yourself "Why do peop,e go to space?"

PixieDog Blogs! says:

It should continue to spin, as there is no air resistance in space.

meer baloch says:

fidget went to space and I'm still jobless

TheEmeraldMan382 says:

I always thought fidget spinners were stupid however I have to admit this is pretty cool.

Eletricell18 PS4/IRL says:

I didn’t know they had internet up there

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