NEW – Review of latest Fidget Pads, Fidget Pen, Spinners and Fidget Cubes

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If you have seen my Fidget Cube videos then you can skip through to about 10:00 to miss information already seen.
This is a look at the latest fidget toys available today! It shows the new Cubes, Pen, Pad and Spinners


SoSoPictures says:

What about the zuru fidget cube? My understanding is that they collaborated or something

Humberto Neto says:

Where is the link for the best quality fidget cube replica? You forgot to mention on the video 🙂

danielcwc says:

My fav channel is back once again.

Jonathan Cook says:

Thanks for the review and overview. Grabbed some fidget pads after watching… how do you recommend going about finding a midget fidget? I have a bunch of minis and a few fakes of various kinds, couple of zurus. Other than the zurus, all of my dials feel very stuck and take a lot of effort to rotate. Any ideas how to fix that?
Thanks again for the video and for your help!

ARENA64 says:

So glad to be early on such an amazing video. The content is amazing.

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