No Bearing Fidget Spinner DIY Batman Design | DIY Fidget Spinner Without A Bearing

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Let´s make a Fidget Toy Spinner from just paper and with no bearings! And i feel like doing a batman design! The spinn is actually really good.

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Materials for this DIY is:
1. Post It notes (or other paper)
2. Scissors
3. Tape
4. Paper Clip
5. Paper Glue

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Artist: Lionel Schmitt
Song: Birth Of The Earth
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Song: Malik Bash - Ghosts [NCS Release]
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Randomize Me says:

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rock Rocky says:

You are the number one বলদ

Diamond Minor says:

How do you get the illusion of it turning around?

Shayna Grimes says:

Omg I can't stop watching your paper fidget spinners they are so too make

Tati Martinez says:

Randomize me try to make a fidget spinner without any glue or something


hey bro help me out
I use the tape and it destroys all its looks
can't I use glue on every stick note to paste them will it work help me out

XxUltra Beast666xX says:

Ang pangit mo BUH

Zamppa says:

Hei teeppäs slime tutoriaali, joka onnistuu suomalaisilla aineksilla!

MrCooper says:

If you have time after watching this video checkout my channel too! I will be so happy 🙂

Flare ' says:

nice one looks cool and effective

Mr. Maker says:

Wow, not bad))

TooAwesome ForYou says:

Randomize Me i liked btw how long does it spin and where did you learn to make fidget spinners u r AMAZING!!

David Nurbin says:

Great! Maybe Mod Podge to put the paper layers together?

Javontae gerow says:

make a brass one

x says:

Nice vid buddy :))

Virre Vlogs says:

Sooo cool i love it

skm says:

ites not good

Gold_- Tico_ says:

Good job ☺☺

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