NYLON Subscription Unboxing! A FIDGET SPINNER IN A BEAUTY BOX? | Nylon Unboxing November 2017

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MONTHLY GIVEAWAY! https://youtu.be/kYzYHLCpPDY
Because I Tend to Ramble (Time Stamps Below!)
The Box 00:43
The First Item 1:17
The Second Item 1:43
The Third Item 2:53
The Fourth Item 3:42
The Fifth Item 4:30
The Sixth Item 5:18
The Seventh Item 6:41
Final Thoughts 7:20

Sign up link: https://shop.nylon.com/products/nylon-box

The Box: Nylon Box
The Cost: $19.99 per month
COUPON: Use coupon code FIRSTFIVE to save $5!
The Products: A curated mix of 5-6 full/sample size beauty and skin care products, plus small accessories.
Ships to: US and worldwide. (Free shipping to the US.)

Prices of products in this months box:
Pop Sockets, Custom NYLON Buttons, $15
Mi Goals, Get S**t Done Pink Notebook, $6.95
Nudestix, Lip Pencil in Freckle, $24
Amika, Nourishing Hair Mask, $10
DHC, Facial Cleansing Oil 4.1oz, $14
Glamspin, Fidget Spinner And Lip Gloss, $9.99
Rad Soap, Moon Rock, $10

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Alexandria Ryan says:

Hi guys! What do you think of the Nylon box? Its definitely "Interesting" lol. I hope you guys are having a great day! Love y'all 💖

Nicole Marie says:

Number one I had to like this video right away before I even watched it, because your likes where at 666, so I had to get that out of there, LOL! Number two I am loving this box, I am having really super oily skin lately, and I am trying to go with more natural cleansers, and bar soaps, and I am even trying out of oil cleansing method as terrified as I am, I just wonder if most of their boxes are like this one, going to have to check that out.

Jeanette Neff says:

Very nice, the soap sounds interesting. The charcoal and currants (raisins) is an interesting combo.

EnglishProfStyle says:

Your reaction to the planner was priceless!

Kit James says:

I think this box was fun to watch unbox, nice video. :3

Glitter &Omnom says:

Skin care specialist here! You can confidently use an oil based cleanser as makeup remover or “pre cleanse” and as long as your following products are for your skin type/problem areas, the oil won’t cause any issues!! Try away girl!

Wendy Bailey says:

I love your videos!!! Especially when you have a video everyday!! It’s something I look forward to after my work day!!
Thanks and I look forward to more videos😁

Jeanne H says:

That was a very interesting box! You can try putting a little of cleansing oil in your hand and add a bit of water to it. Rub it around and if it turns milky, that means it emulsifies and should rinse off cleanly. If it emulsifies, then you shouldn't have to do a double cleanse, but you might want to for good measure, anyways.

9023rsd says:

Do you get the Allure box?

Leblanc aza says:

Love your videos

Shannon Oranczak says:

I think you would be fine using the cleansing oil. I use rose oil on my face and it hasn’t broken me out at all and I do have acne prone skin.

Eat shit and live. says:

Glad you fixed the spelling.

Jenn's Sweet Country Posh says:

I was very skeptical about oil cleansers as well. Until I heard about the Korean beauty double cleanse method. Basically using oil cleanser to take all the makeup and crud off of your face and then use a water-based cleanser to remove the oil and whatever is remaining on your face. And then of course use a toner to wipe away anything left over from your double cleanse. My face has not broken out as much that used to since I started doing this method. But I don't think I could ever just use an oil cleanser by itself because it would freak me out LOL

Jayne says:

That dhc oil is amazing!!! Give it a try I love it

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