Origami Fidget Spinner

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[Rather Simple] How to fold an Origami Fidget Spinner that can spin endlessly, because YOU spin it! And It can spin in three different ways and it can even fly like a flicker!
The definition of 'fidget' is to move about restlessly. So, this model is much more of a fidget spinner that the "real" fidget spinner plastic/metal toy, because when you spin it you are actually moving to make it spin as opposed to just flicking it once and watching it spin for 3 minutes. I agree, the plastic/metal toy is really neat how it can spin for so long without touching it, but its name does not accurately reflect how you spin it. This origami one is the true "fidget spinner."

I just discovered a new way to spin it... Instead of sticking a pin through it, you stick a needle and thread through it (I doubled the thread). Hold one end of the thread in each hand and swing the model between your hands like your playing jump rope. Then stop swinging and pull your hands gently apart. The model will start spinning really fast, and then when the thread is fully taut (outstreched) the model will continue spinning on it's own for a few seconds. If you pull the string vertically the model will slide down the thread when it stops spinning. Like this it can be called Spastic Spinner (thanks JeXX for coming up with the name).


Marian Dikitanan says:

Damn I just finished folding and my brother wants two more lol

rahul misra says:

JEREMY! Pause at 0:30 and you will see a weird creature walking at the top left. Iā€™m scared!!!!!!

Masuda Begum Mou says:

Jeremy shafer can you please make another fidget spinner

I am Technology hacker says:

origami magic book

SSdm Abcde says:

Ya know I always like to watch Jeremy's vids cuz he is a origami master šŸ‘ŒšŸ’ÆšŸ”„

Noah Telan says:

theres a ghost 0:29

Trick Kick says:

Why not a cape

G Vishwas says:

Do any gun holdet

Sonu Gupta says:

Any one is playing Dragon City this video is very nice

Kali Tamang says:

Make any amazing thing

Dzuridah Abdul Hamid says:

hai awak susah kan buat origami awak

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