Origami Super Spinning Ninja Star

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[Intermediate] Tutorial for how to fold a one-piece Spinning Ninja Star that spins on the table or between your fingers, or it can be thrown (or blown!) at a target. This ninja star is roughly based on the one-piece ninja star that I taught here: http://youtu.be/QmhAMfeLwpY but this one is not iso-area (because the front is different from the back).


Redfox 29 says:

I love your chanle

Dimitri Alvey says:

Funny for the first 20s

Suresh Jaan says:

20point ninja star

Suresh Jaan says:

Sahil jangde

Macky Jubay says:

I mean hard

Rishi Singh says:

you are a pagal and foolish boy

Tyrin Ellis says:

I can't do it at 2:18

Jugal Sudheer says:

Wow this thing is soooo good. I made it and it was great.. Just a little confusion at 8:37

Micah Clark says:

Mine doesn't work 😤😤😤😞😞

vy.어.진.y vy says:

oh it's so hard

vy.어.진.y vy says:

oh is very very also!!!!!! like'it

Ivan Cotton says:

I got stuck the 3 last times I did this, but on Wednesday November 22 I made it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tray _bag366 says:

This is a easy model thx

TonLegoBrick says:

0:29 fidget spinna lol

Salvador Mancia says:

Never mind I did it but it ended up looking weird😁

Salvador Mancia says:

I got stuck on the part about making that square I got so sad and fusterated

khane fire says:

the origin of fidget spinner

Sandy Jr. Sijera says:

mine is inversed

Sarda Mohan says:

Some people don't like the spinning windows rob designed.

Sarda Mohan says:

So make another collaboration

Sarda Mohan says:

Jeremy dude,rob needs this tutorial,all his subscribers are asking him to make an origami fidget spinner that can spin on the table.

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