Pat and Jen PopularMMOs EPS9 50 Minecraft FLYING FIDGET SPINNER CHALLENGE [EPS9] [50]

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Megan Cvijeticanin says:

I love you So so much

Megan Cvijeticanin says:

My name is mikaylie

pokemoners says:


Meyer3101 says:

Hi jan and pat

Cardinal Bird says:


Teresa Denton says:

Love you pat and jen

GlitterBabes says:

hi i love your vids and when i watch them you make me laugh i love you guys

Sara Wilson says:

Love y'all an hi😁

Ryan Alanano says:


Agnes chan says:

I love your video so much

Gracie Willhauck says:

hi pat you are the cilr jens the best

Amanda Hepfer says:

I love you guy's

Marthe Vautour says:

Hello pat and Jan🌸

Ice destroyer Is a boss says:

Jen ur so funny!!!! πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ˜›

Michelle Tamer Fernandez says:

Can you pls play crazy craft again it was so funny allso i miss captain πŸͺ

Amanda Conrady says:

Make Pop 😎

Dan Todd says:

You are the best so sub too me

Nghi Nghi says:

I love you guys so much better than everyone

Wolf Cute Cat Cute says:

you now pat is the celer

Cathy Grrene says:

hello i supscr

Cathy Grrene says:

hello i supscr

Cathy Grrene says:

hello i supscrid

Cathy Grrene says:

hello i supscrid

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