Pets react to fidget spinner

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Destin the cat, and Reynard the Pomeranian puppy are reacting to some gadgets - Fidget Spinners to be exact. But will they be impressed...

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Rhetoricalmuse says:

Difference between a dog and cat:

Dog sees spinner and thinks 'that's interesting, but I don't get it?'

Cat sees spinner and thinks 'keep that shit away from me!'

Sakonema says:

Why get just one, when you can get four for quadruple the price.

Insurance is life tub says:

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Butters The Bean says:

I don't see why these things are popular.

Jim Mitch says:

this is retarted

SerenityNow says:

Cute, but spinning metal smacking into a dog's tooth probably isnt the best idea.

이준호 says:

02:05 it's spinning again.. run away my friend !!!!

Not Tamable says:


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