Rainbow / Multicolor Fidget Spinner Review

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Order your own Rainbow / Multicolor Fidget Spinner here:

In this video I'm reviewing a cheap generic brand Rainbow / Multicolor Fidget Spinner. It advertises the following:

•100% Top quality with original packaging
•Material: Alloy
•Fidget Hand Spinners are Made of alloy Material,our Product will be Transferred Around 1 Minute Average Spins!
•Fidget Bearings: Ceramic Stainless Steel Hybrid Bearings ,The Bearings can be Removable and Replaced.Fast Rotation Hardness
•Fidget Hand Spinner: Fidget 360° Spinner with Just One or Both Hands.It has a Variety of Playing Patterns
•Great For Anxiety, Focusing, ADHD, Autism, Quitting Bad Habits, Staying Awake
•Easy To Carry,Small,Simple,Discrete and Fun,also effective for Focus and Deep Thought
•Attention: This product can not be washed by water! After playing a long time, soak it with alcohol, for cleaning the bearing

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Nati## Nebiyu# says:

I think all of the rainbow ones have loose bearings like mine

Eesah Ferrari says:

can you please do another laser giveway

Daniel Salgado says:


I'm just selfish

jacob madrid says:

no problem your the best

ender sam says:

im still getting that fidget spinner it maybe a low quality but its got a beutiful rainbow effect

Contains says:

Review a dragonlasers viper 55mw

BAMABOY 101323 says:

when is the giveaway?

Ambitious Orphan says:

you must of reviewed every laser in the world.😂😂

Xsauce says:

did i win the laser ?

Apave122 says:

I got scammed so hard when I tried to buy that when it first came out.

Father Russia says:

Awesome video i love your videos!

jacob madrid says:

wow this is so amazing good job keep up the good work nive job you make my day you do great umbixing

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