Review of LEEHUR LED Fidget Spinner with Micro-USB Charger EDC Tri Hand Spinner Toy High Speed

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This LED fidget spinner is the coolest! (5/5 Stars)

I recently got my first spinner which was glow in the dark and has been a lot of fun, but I wanted to step it up a notch and loved how this LED spinner cycles through all of these super fantastic multi-color patterns; absolutely mesmerizing. This really takes the spinner experience to the next level and impresses the pants off people, especially those who have ordinary spinners. Recharging simply requires plugging in a micro-usb cable; very straightforward. The spinning action itself is quite good and goes for a good long while between flicks. Definitely a great buy!

LED light spinner-Combining LED light and spinner together, it can spin with colorful LED light which is eye-catching especially in the dark.
Cool and unique- The spinner has total 15 different LED light effects. As you spin it, different light effects will appear. Say goodbye to simple and boring light effects. With it, you are the most eye-catching one.
Long time to use- Equipped with USB charging port. This spinner comes with a universal USB charging port which comes over the common disadvantages of other LED spinner. There is no need to worry about battery runs out. Once full charged for 1 hour continuous playing. And the stand-by time up to 15 days. (cable is not included)
Perfect size and weight- The size of this hand spinner is suitable for both adults and kids. And its portable size ensuring you can take it along.
Good option for gift-giving - A hit in the market, if you want to chase trend of fashion. Then you musn't miss this hand spinner. LEEHUR is the official shop, any question please contact us via email.


malique lawson says:

does the hole thing light up or is it just half of it?

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