Spinning yarn with a fidget spinner

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Love them or hate them, these fidget spinners are everywhere. Let's see if we can use them to spin yarn.

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Kathleen Bown says:

This is a great idea. Thanks.

Войлочная мастерская says:

Супер идея! Спасибо!

Rebecca Cheong says:

Was looking for a way to get a taste of spinning yarn, without having to Buy actual spinners. This could be a good idea! Thanks!

BronyGamez Bananana says:

how the fuck does that knot work???

lynnzerben says:

And I'm going to go sacrifice my cheapest fidget spinner for this. So cool, that for posting it.

K Allen says:

Love this, thanks for showing the method of using the fidget spinner on a stationary dowel. A lot less effort than Mayan spinner. Would require even less effot if the stationary dowel (with the dowel going through the center hole) were secured by a clamp or vice grip.

Amaris Joseph says:

Is it possible to spinn poly fiberfill the stuff in teddy bears?

Hazel Blumberg-McKee says:

I hate fidget spinners, but THIS makes me love them! Superb idea! Thank you!

Katherine Haigh says:

This made my day 😀

Mary Dixon says:

I would make it stationary and spin it with one hand while holding the roving and drafting with the other. It might be more like a walking wheel on a smaller scale. Hmm…now I have to get that fidget spinner thing. I love the idea.

Deborah Jabara says:

can you use the holes in it to ply yarn?

janicemartian says:

Ooooooooh. I was thinking just that the other day. Thank you!!!

Rexie R says:

Brilliant! Where do you get those bell shaped hooks?

Isela Cuellar says:

Where did you get the spinner? All the ones available on Amazon don't have the middle hole!!

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

I wonder if this would work with silk since silk has to be introduced with a lot of twist

Rita McLaughlin says:

amazing! I Love this!

Saphira4Q says:

Thanks Scott! Now, I've got to try this!

Samantha Molina says:

this is awesome 🙂 keep getting told that my constant spindling is no different than a fidget spinner xD

Marie Ève says:

This is hilarious! I won't see them with the same eyes now! XD thanks!


the best thing is im named after the actor scott fischer


that is so cool

kathygullatte says:

I definitely want to try this. What size dowel did you use?


my name is scott

Joan Apthorp says:

Wonderful! I'm always looking for new ways to update my spinning equipment!

maho steinberg oikawa says:

OMG this is kind of the things that makes me say "how didn't I thought of that…" and this makes my wheels spin like crazy…. thanks for sharing!

Jessica Cejnar says:

I think I'm going to have to get a fidget spinner now. This is so cool!

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