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ULTIMATE TASER WARS WITH THE BROS! Also got a new tattoo...

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Emily Selvey says:

logang dent the universe

Cole Alphonse says:

I love so Tanner Fox

Alyssa Hartman says:

Tayler is always behind tanner

Lift4Life says:

Anyone else notice tanner flex his pretzel stick leg at 6:42"

Maryjan Acosta says:

y'all are so funny and I like those tattoos they are cool

Lily Ferguson Brill says:

you should of tazed nick cromton

John Lesnar says:

I think Taylor is way more mature than Tanner lmao

Parker Rowe says:

You should have drove the g,t,r to make good time

Luis Bar says:

Martinez twins

Franco Ingalls says:

Rosses are green
Ur chines
Smash tanner gf tf r u

This makes no fucking sense

cocoviris says:

Tanner is a god

Vaeh Rowe says:

we always at the gas station lol

Kelly Myers says:

I subscribe

Dee Knudson says:

what if a girl watches this

Jessica Kaniki says:

I also have hdhd OMG

Hannah Olsen says:

really u could not just go to a ink store or go rip up a pin a ink pin an skip the sharpi

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