The Bad and Boujee Gold iPhone

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From the Red iPhone 8 video, I promised I would make a gold iPhone 7 7 Plus if it got 50,000 likes! You crushed it so here we are!


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Make your iPhone Gold (make sure you tell them TechSmartt sent you):

Last time I made a red iPhone 8 before Apple even released it. In that video I said if we got 50,000 likes I would make a gold iPhone and so now I did! This thing looks crazy and I hope they released this for the iPhone 8 in September.


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if u see this comment below 'cook it up in the crock pot'

Thanks to the boys at Neucase for hooking it up!


Xbox GT IIBurntLuisII says:

It is shaved not barberded

ITSMUHIIYT lol says:

Can you do a I phone x and your face on it

AnAverageVeiwer says:

Make it rainbow

Melvin Leonardo says:

gray bronw and gold

KarmeloPlays says:

Multi chrome

bryce Bolden467115 says:

Gold iPhone x or red iPhone x

Jekabs Jaunzems says:

Do a purple or pink one

Shane R says:

Orange!!!! Please iPhone x

Wasabi Boys says:

Diamond color

Kaden Alvarado says:

Light green and light blue

dobre family says:

lmao he must hate saying the N word

Mallory Brooke says:

Yeah it was a black case now it's pink

Supatra Jones says:

Christmas Colour! Red green just christmas

Imperial Commando says:

never got 50,000 lmfaoooo

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