The Best Small Fidget Spinner June 2017 (Discrete Mini Spinners Only!)

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Looking for the best small fidget spinner? Something discrete and quiet, maybe for use in a pocket or under a desk? This is my selection of the best small spinner of June 2017! Links to all below...

We Fidget The Bar:
Jincoo Mini Spinner:
Yardwerx Dab -
Zentri Nano -
R188 Adapter:
Vorso Flat Top:
ILoveFidget Mini (Vorso Clone):
Zini Tri Review:

Ultimately, I love the 608 spinners, but they are not very discrete, so I have to recommend The Bar spinner! It goes by a lot of names -- the Fidgeteer, the Mini Tank, the Secret Service spinner, etc. so shop around and find your favorite.

On Amazon Prime you can get them for around $20: . DON'T try to save a few dollars by buying this bad clone: . You can also get them from resellers like Spinetic, FidgetHQ, Spinnercraft, etc. if you want more quality control.

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Jess A. says:

Sal, I'm surprised you don't have a vc-edc mini triton. It's currently my favorite small spinner. So much so actually that I might get their v2 version. I prefer circular spinners for their fidget-ability and lack of slow down when shifting axis. Don't like long bar spinners because of that.

Clint Latchman says:

I really want a small fidget spinner but I really want 5 of them

Love sisters forever says:

and woww can i have won

Love sisters forever says:

did someone call you

ngtflyer says:

Highly recommend the Sol-spin from Spinneraddicts. It's tiny, well made and feels good to use. Would like to see your opinion on that spinner.

Diego Gil says:

Question: Are R188 bearings more unstable while spinning because of their size?

Hello Snake says:

Nice video, just ordered the black bar one from China.

Huiling says:

The rotobow nano is another great one

Alan Gonzalez says:

hey whats the best r188 bearing for 5 bucks or under

ZeGamingCuber says:

They're bearing caps not buttons

개미 says:

Fun Fact : The real name of Zenduo is Cigreen S3. CIGREEN IS EVERYWHERE!

Lois Athena Buhalis says:

I love the small spinners, too. One of my favorites right now is the WooSahUSA spinner, which comes in a few designs and models. The one I have is the Namaste Fletching, in aluminum, with a 608 bearing. It is so very smooth and quiet, and, depending on the color, can be very discreet. Usually I like more weight, but this particular one is so easy and sweet to spin that the light weight is a plus. I hope you'll consider reviewing one of these.

Lance Phom says:

Do you speak any other languages?

Thomasin Durgin says:

Great video! I prefer small spinners too, preferably cog style. I'm doing my best to buy up all 608s in that format before the makers all switch over to r188!

Roland Koller says:

I know this is about small spinners, but I've had the mini falcon in brass from flyaway toys and I cannot put it down.

ngtflyer says:

I got my Cigreen mini bar spinner for $14 and love it! Nice weight, smooth, awesome to use. It shares my favorite spot with the C3. Have a SOL-Spin on the way, so we'll see how that one falls into the ranks.

Squaley says:

After all the time you've had the fidgeteer and all the spinners you've bought u still like it . Wow . I was debating weather I should get it

BeatrCoupe says:

once you got to the top 3 I knew you would choose the bar I have one by we knives and I love it

Roy says:

I literally love micro spinners

half gap says:

who's here before 1000 veiws!?!!?!!

Fidget-N-Style Spinner Reviews says:

I'm thinking the nano will be my next buy. Looks awesome.

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