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fidget spinner your mom.


obviously not real, totes fake.

Foobie is a vlogging and challenge channel with some video games between Fangs and Doobie which creates Foobie ! We are husband and wife, and we have been together for over 13 years ! We both love to game and lead an active lifestyle so we thought we would bring you along for the ride !

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William Walker says:

You didn’t film ksi spinning the spinner?

Curious Cat says:

2:06 Doobie´s pose on this one is so hilarious. Nice one dude, nice one.

And btw, at 7:56 "the legend of the Barcelos cockerel", it´s from my country! Barcelos in Portugal! 😀

Shannon O'B says:

2:04 why is simons toe black? 😂😂😂

Ashlee Adkins says:

the poor ant at 5:32 😂😂

Lloyd Marley says:

rip to the ant at 5:35

Amrita Choudhury says:

foobie is so American it hurts

Yope01 says:

They are destroying an iphone whilst im trying my hardest saving for an iphone 😥

IT Support says:

well, this was cancer

Kristo Sterkeshi says:

Rip ant 5:33

Nathan Williamson says:

Your channel is still banging fangs, it's just a phase. I think In time will should look at making his own channel to, serious boyo

Ryan says:

not tryna be a dick but I've always wanted to watch fangs videos but I never really got into your fifa vids so I'm glad you started vlogging, hit that sub button as soon as I saw this channel.

Blue Gator says:

Fidget spinners are so stupid! I agree with Dobbie that I'm surprised that fidget spinners are a thing. Am I wrong is this 2017 or 1917?

Harry_J19 says:

Anybody else notice the fact that Simon burnt an ant to death at 5:34

bo johnson says:

Come to Minnesota!!

Kevin Strydom says:

I have the same fidget spinner I'm playing with it while watching the vid

Nikhil Dabhade says:

Noooooo i was at the same nandos they went yesterday and didnt see them 😂😭😭

Nya Nguyen says:

play fifa vs simon

JxeGr says:

Fangs nice panties

Leo Sampford says:

Cracking plur

Gamer Girl Georgina says:

actually loving behind the scenes of the sidemen house. <3

Zenex says:

the sidemen house looks sooooo nice

Nitai20 says:

You guys are having fun!

Sammy F says:

September, you say….hmmm

T says:

I never knew josh is married to fangs?

PurpleTaipan says:

you and doobie should play more video games with the sidemen like dead by daylight or gta 5

T says:

fangs should start vlogging

Ryan Douglas says:

When are they doing a house tour.

William Odigboh says:

Amazing channel and great video keep it up

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