Tinkercad Basic Spinner #1

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A lesson designed for my students to create a basic small fidget spinner. This lesson will teach you how to balance the holes to make a spinner with three ball bearings. View the more complex version on this link: [https://youtu.be/DdUQ85Srtdk] www.tinkercad.com. www.svsd.net/fogleem

This is a remix version of the spinner created by jumekubo4smps https://youtu.be/IZvO6gkNpYY


Robert Porumb says:

amazing fuck

Conchi Alcazar Lopez says:

Callate puto subnormal con mentiras gilipollas


very nice i like it i can use it for my school projects on tinker cad as we have it as a topic

Michele Savvides says:

Would you please show how to insert the bearings so we can see the finished product? Thank you!

1 Try Never Die says:

why didn't you just use rings?

Squirrel_Head Gaming says:

Hi mr fogle. I'm Connor birckbichler. I go to ur school

Doggy Bernard says:

How do you make it spin

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