Tinkercad Basic Spinner 2

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A lesson designed for my students to create a more complex fidget spinner. This lesson will teach you how to remix the basic spinner found in my first fidget spinner video [https://youtu.be/NX9t-JnkXU8]. This will make a spinner with a middle hole with three weights around the radius. www.tinkercad.com. www.svsd.net/fogleem

This is a remix version of the spinner created by jumekubo4smps https://youtu.be/IZvO6gkNpYY


Laiba Ali says:

Hi mr fog le I am laiba remember me from Haine

Dape Part says:

Nice demo – subscribed! There is a weekly challenge on PARTcloud.net (spinners are subject, Sunday last day), so maybe to participate with your models? Plus, you can add the link to your YT channel and get more subscribers like that. Good luck!

Curtis Horras says:

That you this helped so much

Cam Truth says:

Can you show how to make a cap for the middle bearing?

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