Top 10 Best Fidget Spinners (DIY Fidget Spinners) Fidget Spinner Tricks And Hacks

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Top 10 Best Fidget Spinners (DIY Fidget Spinners) Fidget Spinner Tricks And Hacks

It seems as if the fidget spinner craze has yet to die down, in fact it’s getting more popular than ever. This means that bar for creating the most insane spinners and doing the craziest tricks is increasing. In this video, we are going to show you some of the coolest diy spinners, amazing tricks and world records you might be able to beat. Don’t forget to also subscribe and leave a comment down below to have a chance in winning our giveaway with that being said let’s jump straight into the video.

Fidget spinner world record

Poor man’s spinner

Rocket Powered Fidget Spinner


Melting fidget spinner

Edible Fidget spinner


PRESS vs fidget spinner

DIY led fidget spinner

Batman Fidget Spinner

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Caution this video contains fidget spinners! As fidget spinners seem like the trend we decide to make a video on them. We will have a video up on Tuesday, hopefully this one wasn't to bad.

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