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Slice Of My Life: I thought that this would be a great way to end the year. 2017's been a wonderful year - especially for fidget spinners. No spoilers here - it's my top 10, with some honorable mentions.




Melea Robison says:

Yessss!!! Damned Designs for the WIN!!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Retro Plus says:

They certainly are the prettiest peices of metal I have ever seen. Meanwhile, I'm here with my Cheap 78Β’ king tut spinner!

Malakhi Moore says:

Santa not santy

Ethan Kim says:

Ben, I need some help. I tried to order the axis micro from last room standing and as of today I’ve still not received it. I jumped on the preorder for the copper one back in July of 2017. I’ve tried to contact them through Instagram and email but they don’t respond to me. Please help! Maybe because of your YouTube channel, they will respond to you.

Ryan S says:

no triton v2 mini?

The Avid Picker says:

Very nice selection bud! I like your choices! Happy New Year! Keep up the good work in 2018 my friend!

Dirty Hairy says:

Completely threw me off I was not expecting even one of those to be in top 10… great video though. Mine is 1. Axis micro 2. Cocoon 3. Ternion 4. RONDELLE 5. Woosah caliber elite 6. Chakra 7. Tri thraxx 8. Arachnophobia 9. The sherriff 608 10. Tri stubby

Pam L says:

Great video. I love the zentri nano too. Just got it in brass. The sole spin, do you have website for that spinner. Looks very nice. Also may I suggest to you a woosah spinner. The mine chakra and mini cosmo might interest you in stainless steel. Thanks again for all your reviews and hope to see more from you. HAPPY New Year's to you and yours.

Hobby Timmy says:

This was fun. I appreciated this list and it’s variety. It is also very distinctly different than the lists I’ve done. I did have a hunch the Invictus would be high.

Bob A. says:

Happy New Year Ben! Interesting list. Would love to see your Top Ten of ALL TIME! πŸ™‚

Helen Delamar says:

Oh! And I watched Journey To The West last night!!!

Helen Delamar says:

Happy New Year, Ben.

Gman1024 says:

I LOVE my Invictus, and pee-NUT, which are the only ones I have on your list.
Excellent reasoning for each one, and the having honorable mentions rounded it out nicely.
I hope to maybe get a tungsten Zenduo Evo at some point as I really like my Grave Raven in that weight.
I am so very thankful to have "met" you this year, and hope to have many more conversations.
May you and yours have future happiness, Love, and prosperity.
Thanks for ALL the uploads.

D E says:

Oh how convenient.. reviewers received spinner boards via 'luck' :p

Dewey does it says:

Awesome review Ben. I feel you are by far the best reviewer. You are respected and well informed in your decisions and opinion. Thank you for being you my friend. Thank you for your support and encouragement these past 6 months. I look forward to your videos. You are truly an amazing person and I wish you the best 2018 has to offer. Im emotional like you so I actualy have goose bumps and a single tear in my eye from sharing my thoughts at this moment. God bless you and the entire spin community. I aspire to be like you in you knowledge and honesty.

μ΄κ°•μž¬ says:

are you kidding me? all of this is low price and low quality beside worst design
you don't know spinner

Alaskan GamerToday says:

Triad and the invictus, the only two spinners I have in your list. Also damned designs released a new set of spinners. Just letting you know πŸ‘

Digits El NUMBRO says:

Great list Ben. I was pretty sure the Triad and Invictus were gonna be in your top three and was pleased to see I was right. I don't own all of the spinners in your list but the ones I do mostly have a place in my top 10 as well. Happy New year, Ben, it's been a great year and I'm glad to have discovered your content and the talks we had. See you in 2018!

Anand Nande says:

Very enjoyable video, Ben.

Chuckm4n says:

Great video! I guessed correctly toward the end what your #1 was going to be :). I hope you keep it up in the spinner game into 2018. I wanna see this same video a year from now! Also I enjoyed seeing your Hyperstone at the beginning. I'd like to see a video about all of your Hyperstones & why it continues to be your favorite. (I've yet to get one) Happy New Year!

Paul Miller says:

i was spinning my triad while watching this and wondering where itd show up. need to get my hands on an ss atrium a zentri nano and a mini arachnophobia. great list!

Vincent Ngo says:

Yeah!!! I love lists!!

Steven Dominguez says:

Good shit man happy New year and keep up the good work still have that brushed chakra for you if you want it

KrimsonWing says:

So it was you! I'm unbelievably jealous!

Private Account says:

Hyperstone is still your favorite? Happy New Year by the way πŸ™‚

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