Top 10 LEGO Fidget Spinners – LEGO Fidget Spinner Time Check

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Which are the Top 10 LEGO Fidget Spinners? I road test each fidget spinner from the 28 Fidget Spinners I've made over the last few months. Will you be surprised with the result? And where does your favorite LEGO Fidget Spinner Rank?

This video took heaps of time, to make and edit so please leave a like if you appreciate the work I put into it.

Top 10 Countdown Graphics - M4TTH3WS M4RQU3S -

Music: - T-Mass & Enthic - Can You Feel It [NCS Release] -


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Stephanie Hughes says:

The repeated song gets annoying. So please fix that in your next video please

mr dog says:

Song like. I can see the baby 👶🏻. Baby. I can see babababa baby

BoltzPlays GT says:

After it spin the shaking of the spinner shouldn't count

Dipper Pines says:

who realised that on the American flag it said 8:11 like 9/11

mr craft says:

but i used two onepounds coins to make it faster

mr craft says:

if you want i can say you how to do it but is really simple

mr craft says:

i did one that stays fo like 12 seconds

Random Tube says:

this guy deserves way more subscribers

Super Creator says:

well now maybe you should do some lego transformers just a suggestion.

MisterBassBoost says:

Excellent video. Keep it up!

Super Creator says:

is this the last of the lego fidget spinners they are really great 🙂

BrickBoss Studios says:

nice and I'm da 2nd viewer

Brody Lehnertz says:

First (Legit)

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