Top 10 Mini Fidget Spinner review now on amazon 2017

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Today, we are reviewing all the mini fidget spinners we collected so far. Who is your favorite?

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#1 Sunkong
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#3 Chillax (black and red bearing outside) use c
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#4 Valkyrie Stainless Spinner
Valkyrie by Alpha-bot Industries $49
(They used to sell on amazon. 🙁 )

Spinners reviewed in the video
6. Ebay Cylinder Spinner $30

2. F3 brass bar $20

3. Meecoo Titanium Spinner $30

4. Phat boy nano by Steampunk $70

5. Fidget Cube

6. Wefidget the bar: $20

7. Fidget Doctor Spinner $28

8. Jincoo Titanium Spinner $29

Wefidget UFO $25.

Wefidget Cube $35


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SpartansofthenewagE 1776 says:

phat boy nano has a great look to it, awesome sauce.

Никита Цыганков says:

Za spiner i dvor strelau v ypor

Ramza says:

I love the Rainbow spinner by Samshao. But those are so common, sold everywhere. Companies just buy these and put their labels on it.

Billy ma says:

i think samshao rainbow spinner is long time .

vMMe says:

Hey Wiitopia I just want to say congrats on 6k subs!

Julian Sherman says:

hi, which one do you prefer, the bar from wefidget or the F3?

Chapo the Guinea Pig says:

they all look so small and cute! Maybe my 3 years old ADD cousin get one

Lucas Donato says:

First great vid

Amaan Pardhan says:

First again

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