TOP 5 BEST DIY FIDGET SPINNERS! (Gallium Fidget Spinner, Origami Spinner, Edible Fidget Toys)

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Top 5 Coolest DIY FIDGET SPINNERS! (Gallium Fidget Spinner, Origami Spinner, Edible Fidget Toys)
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5. DIY Fidget spinner:

starting todays list off we have a diy fidget spinner by Megan Weller,
this fidget spinner was made with common household items and it also
does not have a bearring inside the spinner. So if you somehow can't
buy bearrings or you want to make a fidget spinner without spending any money
then this is probably the best way to make one.

4. DIY Chocolate fidget spinner:

moving on we have a video by xtremegamez, now these guys
literally blew up on youtube because of this fidget spinner trend.
in the last 30 days they gained almost 1 million subscribers which is
absolutely insane. Anyways, today they uploaded a video called DIY Chocolate
fidget spinner, the title already spoils it, the basicly made a few
fidget spinners out of chocolate.

3. DIY Gummy bears fidget spinner:

moving on we have a video by CraftyGirls, these little girls
made a fidget spinner out of gummy bears and again for this one
you also won't need a bearring. The end result looks really cool
and i was surprised how good it actually works. Now personally
i think there is a parent behind this channel because the things
these girls say are way too mature, but they probably
enjoy making these videos together with their parents.

2. Origami fidget spinner:

moving on we have a fidget spinner made out of paper, also called
the origami fidget spinner. Now this fidget spinner is really easy to make
and it works really well, again for this spinner you wont need a bearring
and you can basicly create this without spending any money.
Also make sure to check out the original creators in the description and
show them some love for making these insane fidget spinners.

1. DIY spiky gallium fidget spinner - sunshine:

moving on we have a fidget spinner made out of gallium.
For some reason all of these gallium videos get millions of views
and i think it is because they are really satisfying to watch.
If you don't know what gallium is, it is basicly a form of metal
that you can melt and then turn into anything you like.
Now davehax made a fidget spinner out of gallium called the sunshine
spinner and it turned out really cool. Now gallium is actually
really expensive so i wouldn't advice to make one of these yourself unless
you have alot of money to throw away.



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