Top 5 crazy custom made diy fidget spinners (lego LED homemade easy fidget spinners)

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Custom fidget spinners and diy fidget spinners the top 5 fidgets spinners you can make at home.

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Top 5 custom made diy fidget spinners (lego LED homemade easy fidget spinners) script

hey guys and welcome to listed in today’s videos I will be looking at the top 5 custom made diy fidget spinners from simple Lego fidget spinners to fidget spinners that light up these are the best fidget spinners you can make at home And just for fun comment below if you have ever used one of these if you like this video then please give it thumbs up and subscribe to listed for more weekly lists style videos. and as always the links to the channels are in the description below so check them out. So lets begin top 5 custom made diy fidget spinners

first clip on the top 5 custom made diy fidget spinners we have a channel called DT studios this is real simple but very effusive
there is nothing more than a bearing some glue and some old coins. And that’s it. custom fidget spinners

Next custome made diy fidget comes from a channel called incrediblescience. check out the description for the full links to all of these videos custom fidget spinners I think this has everything a custom made diy Fidget spinner needs and its made out of Lego out of Lego this is pretty cool . If you think you can make this one then comment below. diy fidget spinners

another clip from incrediablescienece. This fidget spinner is lit up better than a Christmas tree
no way your losing this one in the dark so check this out.

next up is a custom made diy fidget spinner made by a channel called Revan TK-421 ts made with a bearing and a bike chain diy fidget spinners some cable ties its that simple but looks really cool check this out.

the last custom made diy fidget spinner on this list is from a channel called dylan kowalski this is one of my favourite custom made diy fidget toys diy fidget spinners its not made from metal its not made from coins nope its mae out of a phone. Crazy. This is great so check this out. custom fidget spinners

thanks or watching the top 5 custom made diy fidget spinners videos and hopefully you have enjoyed it. custom fidget spinners As you have gotten this far then why not subscribe to litsed for more weekly list style video. diy fidget spinners until next time see you later. custom fidget spinners

video used to make the Top 5 custom made diy fidget spinners (lego LED homemade easy fidget spinners)


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