Tri Fidget Spinner 360°Hand Finger Spinner

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*Compact portable size, easy to use, you can spin it in one hand rapidly when it gain a impetus from your other hand. With practice, advanced users can hold, spin and stop the spinner using only one hand. A great toy for killing time, helping relieve stress, Anxiety and Boredom, etc.
*Made of high-grade brass, Robust Structure, much more durable and stronger than ABS plastic for Longer Service Life, and Not Easy to Break when falling off.
*Fine craftsmanship and quality brings Smooth Feeling and up to 3 minutes Spin Time with one strike. No Big Noise, small enough to carry in your pocket, you can spin it for fun anytime and everywhere. It's fun and interesting, effective for helping increasing focus and attention.
*Fidget Spinner is a small spinning device designed to keep your hands busy and your mind focused. Perfect size, suitable for adults and kids over 10 years old. Moreover, it's perfect for fidgety hands, ADHD sufferers.
*How to use: Hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly and keep it spinning indefinitely by using small continuous strikes. Spinners can start and stop spinning only with the help of one finger.

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Stubben JR says:

TOMTOP my fidget cube hasn't come and there has gone over 20 days and it said it would take 10-20 days

Where is it

Kakha Khmelidze says:

Cutest video. Spinner looks good and over 4 min spinning time is solid.

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