Tri Fidget Spinner Vs Aluminum Fidget Spinner

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Tri Fidget Spinner Vs Aluminum Fidget Spinner
Guys This is my first unboxing video review and can we get 5 likes for my first unboxing video?
Or if we hit 10 likes I will do part 2 or if
we hit to 15 likes I will do a fidget spinner give away!
Please subscibe and like and see you in the next video!





Thugraidder says:

Thank You guys so much for my first video hitting 1000 views in 5 days 🙂

Gaster Grillbz says:

I want to be in giveaway

Maruf586 says:

This kids living his dream congrats 😂

Claw Minister says:

your the type of person to open a bag of chips with scissors

Danny Vela says:

This was really good😃

Blaze 79 says:

aluminium spinner is strongest

Christopher Ferguson says:

not gonna lie this is the best vid ive seen from a kid on youtube

duramax guy says:

i got the blue aluminum one it will be here next Wednesday

The Gamer says:

What song is the second one

Gloopking says:

I got the silver aluminium one. My first. I'm already addicted. My parents where like wtf is this

VKDP V-Challenges says:

Awesome vid!

Zahir Hussaini Vlogs says:


HushedPDR says:

Hey Mehan, where can u get these toys

Bilal Najeeb says:

Almost at 15

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