Triad Fidget Spinner by Damned Designs Review – Affordable KING!

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Damned Designs Link................

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WColdblooded357W says:

I absolutely love the weird optical illusion when you spin it on video. It looks like the petal is bending all over. Very cool

Kimberly Walker says:

I really want the ss!

Alaskan GamerToday says:

Even though I don't win won. I pre order myself one and can't wait for it to come in 👌

Jennifer Weinberg says:

Great job Richard! 🙂

6Sgear says:

Love the triad!

DamonP says:

do people still use these?

Kyle Moore says:

Joined! Looking forward to some more reviews. Nobody does it like you bro.

Logan Throckmorton says:

We're you on American grit?

Raul Brito says:

Hey Chillin,

Just would like to know which spinners with great weight and fidgetability you think are the best for gyroscope effect feedback when changing axis (besides Deltacore)?

I was choosing between Maelstrom and Tri-Stubby but I'm afraid to regret of buying then and find out that there was a better one for me.


Digging the designs on this fidget, would love to win one.

CynicalDriver says:

Heh… Already a member of the FB group and your post there actually brought me here. (Was already subscribed here though anyway.)

Epoplo martian says:

Would love to win one, it's out of my price range but is a very beautiful spinner

Ivan cacic says:

Good review as always. Who won your last giveaway never seen the results

joshua armstrong says:

U got me convinced. I been lookin at these for a few weeks now.thanx for the upload.

Andy H says:

Sweet. My wife needs a spinner.

Michael Mcreynolds says:

Very nice fidget spinner
Excellent video good job. Thanks for sharing

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