Trying Fidget Spinners For The First Time Reaction and Tricks!

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I joined the trend... And i love it! hahah!!
Thanks for watching guys!


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Agus Suzidianti says:

can i ask u maria?, how old r u?

Leigh-Anne Marie says:

I've still never tried one! I want to feel the strange sensation, I've gotta try one haha!

Mikan みかん says:

Yupppp, I definitely love fidget spinner and have it xD

FitAngie says:

Hi Marie, fidget spinners are the in thing right now, especially in Australia and the USA. My 13 year old daughter has 4 of them and they're pretty cool. they were created for people (children mainly) who are autistic, have ADHD etc. they do help as my twin nieces are autistic and it helps to calm them down.

StephieAck says:

When you put it close so that we could hear the swish swishing sound, it triggered my asmr, loved it thanks. I never get these fad type of thing, but I might consider it if its relaxing. I want one of those fiddling cube things for people with busy fingers (hard to describe), I am a fiddling type of person. Considered buying one ever?

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