Ugly Gold Fidget Spinner V.S. Light Up Gold Fidget Spinner

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iCheesybro HD says:

Lol you videos are funny and your pretty cool. I subbed. Can I get a shout out please?

the super meme says:

Cool vid! This acturely wants me to spin my figet spinner 🙂

Green Doge says:

Just get the cd and put in your freezer than wait and wipe it with a soft cloth or use toothpaste.

Steph Brook says:

And if u want to add me my name is Suggestedboar

Steph Brook says:

Ur going to hav to buy a new gta v that happened to me

Jay Capone GAMING says:

the lights can die I think

Jay Capone GAMING says:

Ricky roll lol

Jay Capone GAMING says:

and Ricky roll

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