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Why just spin at fidget spinner when you can dance with one? Am I right? *Beware of the FIDGET DEALER* ..... He's on the loose.

- Directors: @josh_killacky @davidmooretv
- Dancers: @josh_killacky @seanlew @officialjoshprice
- Dealer: @tonioskits
- SFX: @mytypolife
- Song: "My Fidget Spinner" @remixgodsuede @twayne


lil niki says:

Lol get your dirty hands of my fidget spinner

BOILED says:

You can tell this is a joke. But i still want to die

Deepak Sawant says:

Hey Josh will u be making bf PlZz I'm 14 it's OK if u r 21 Plzzz my name is asmi from India Plzzz be MA bf Plzzz #imhisdaughter

Hotep Anthony says:

There's no way this was made without cgi. THAT WAS FIRE!!!

Shaneez Halim says:

omygooood. so cooool

Derp Rainbo says:

Yoda music is so corny but the dance moves are fire how do you do it

Chua Xin ying says:

What's the song?????

Sophia Veloso says:

sean lew WAAAH <3

Yvonne Holley says:

i saw this on facebook

Tytheawesome9 says:

The loading thing is actually a fidget spinner…

Francisca Garza says:

Love this vido

Steaming Memes says:

Finally time to make it into a meme

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