Unboxing fidget spinner!

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Hope you guys did enjoy the video. And check out my brothers channel at Chase Flips or Chase Emenecker and he will be making an in boxing video with our other spinners.


janyrojasjr says:

it was short.

Zapfish 101 says:

Can you shout me out

SUN YT says:

Cringe cringe CRINGE

shivraz Tamang says:

I'm getting a new fidget spinner tommorow.

p and f good says:

to spinners

Lalith sagar sai says:

u must keep the link in description

Jayden Williams says:

tanner fox merch

Nicu Abaietilor says:

fidger spinar 1 dolarr

Charles Gonzales says:

man those are cheap on amazon

Johnny Wedge says:

No offense but who the heck orders figet spinners when there in like every store

It's ClumsyCarter says:

I hated the videos

Peash Fitzpatrick says:

Hell ya tfox merch

Maxi Quezada says:

dame 2 spinners

Two awesome sissy girl says:

I am sure he now Tanner fox

letzy hernandez tamariz says:

pise  putoooooooooo  no   sabes  aser   videos   ijo  de  putaaaaa

Varie Regero says:

i like your video can u give me??

Goska Rawluszko says:


GAMER Game says:

Tfox hoodie? Ewww jk lolol

Fidget Spinner says:

Look bad video and bad fidget spinner sorry but it's true

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