Unboxing Fidget Spinners from China What to Expect

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Rajnish Sinha says:

How you get sample form China

HuZzi's Hacks says:

can i get one spinner please? please reply

Sofie Vandersmissen says:

I'm curious about the other spinners! Curious to see what's in the blind boxes!

KR Shajahan says:

While watching videos of review and inboxing videos of spinners I feel happy

KR Shajahan says:

I don't have even one one I had was taken by my class teacher

KR Shajahan says:

You all have luck

KR Shajahan says:

I'm crazy

Mario Welch says:

I orderd a ranbiow fidget spinner from china and they got it all wrong one side was rainbow and one side was green.!!?!!?!!

Donna Haines says:

Very educational. I always wondered what the stickers meant

Pasupuleti Harsha says:

how to get spinners from china

Sopphire Shark says:

to much fidget spinners😵😵😵😵😱

Abdul Raziq says:

may I just have 9

Park Jinyoung says:

love your vids

Cool owen says:

i have a golden spinner and it is rainbow and it spins for 5 mins

Panda Squad says:

can you give me one of those fidjet spinner

NicVlogs says:

he didnt even unbox them


sale time waste kr rha hai (fucking ediot)

Easy2You Invenções C.F. says:

Nice 😀 ( Like👍& Sub✔ mine too please https://youtu.be/uSBo1Yz-Cxc ) Tanks 😊

Julian Rieder says:

He build it auseinander before he used it 😜

Zae Yrd says:

Why are you insulting China for the packaging?

Antamorey Coleman says:

Is the spinners spinners

wolf11 says:

how much did all these cost and where did you get them

Cody Pop says:

yeh its a berring cage

Nathan whthd says:

Look at my spinner unboxing


Zenof Vlog says:

China always guarantee the quality , that's why it's a bit expensive

Maria Briones says:

I got a red spinner also whaaaaaaat

Alexandra. says:

frank if u order a fidget spinner with black bairings u will get black one not silver ones right?

Kerin Portillo says:

Can I have one

Tane Metak says:

You should cut ur finger nailss😑
Anyways good videoo ☺

UnTamed_ Gaming says:

I have a yello regular spinner coming from China too! on June 17th I've got a long way but I can't wait!!

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